Welcome to the Monash Association of Debaters: the largest and most successful debating society in the Southern hemisphere. MAD has a rich history spanning over 50 years, and we are passionate about building on this legacy. Based at the Monash Clayton campus, MAD's 500+ members include the current and former World and Australaisan Champions.


Week 4: Freshers

Freshers is our first annual internal debating tournament, and will take the place of our regular Monday training session in Weeks 3 and 4 (March 17 and 24 respectively), with the Grand Final on 31 March.

Freshers is MAD's first internal tournament of the year. First years will be placed in a team with an older member of the club, who will help guide them through their first experiences of university debating!

All members who have not debated at more than one major tournament (Australs or Worlds) are eligible to debate. All other members are encouraged to adjudicate! You can fill out the Freshers sign-up Form now.

If you have any questions, please email Andrew at internals@monashdebaters.com.

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2014 Sponsorship Policy

MAD's Executive has just passed the 2014 sponsorship policy, which applies to all second years and above who plan to attend Australs and Worlds in 2014.

As of this year, in order to be eligible to receive sponsorship to attend either Australs or Worlds (as a second year or above), attendees must undertake a specified number of activities aimed at benefiting the club as a whole.

Full details on the policy (including a list of activities) can be found on the Sponsorship Policy page, and questions can be directed towards our Externals Officer Sasha at externals@monashdebaters.com. There will also be an information session regarding the policy at 4:45pm on Monday 24 March in H4.

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Commencement Dinner

Commencement Dinner formally kicks off the debating season for 2014! Come wine and dine with unlimited pizza, pasta and soft drink. It'll be a great chance to unwind after four weeks of hectic university life, and for novices, after Selections Day on March 29.

The dinner will be held at the ubiquitous Sophia's Restaurant in Camberwell, from 7pm until late (with drinks at the Palace Hotel afterwards).

Tickets will be $16.5 for new MAD members and $20 for returning members (with an MSA card, or an extra $5 without), and will be available from Andrew, Nathan and Tom this Monday evening! And of course, visit the Commencement Dinner Facebook Event Page for more information.

If you have any questions, please email our socials officer Tom at socials@monashdebaters.com.

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Easters 2014

Easters, more formally known as the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships, will be the first major competition for 2014. Held in a different city every year, it attracts debaters from all over the nation for a week days of debating, and much fun! As a novice tournament, all teams can only have one experienced member at most. It is thus a great opportunity for new members to gain experience, but also for older members wanting to lead a team.

It is a great honour to host this competition at Monash this year. Let's make the most of the home ground advantage!

When: 21st - 25th April, 2014

Where: Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne

Registration and Sponsorship: The cost of tournament is $360 which covers your accommodation, socials and most food and transport. The first 24 novices who sign up and are offered a debating or adjudicating spot will receive $100 sponsorship.

How to get involved: If you are a new member to the club, you are eligible to attend the Novice Selections Day, which will include selections for Easters teams. If you are a returning member and would like to be a team leader, please fill out the Team Leader Application form. You can also fill out the adjudicator sign-up form if you are interested in adjudicating!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Externals officer Sasha at externals@monashdebaters.com.

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Novice Selections Day

MAD encourages all new members to sign up to the Novice Selections Day which opens on Tuesday the 11 March at 10am.

Remember to sign up as quickly as possible because the first 24 members to sign up and qualify for Easters will get $100 of sponsorship, while the first 10 members to quality for President's Cup will attend for free!

Selections day will be on Saturday March 29 (alternative times can be arranged for those who are busy on that day) and will be a fun-filled day. Novices will learn more about the club and its tournaments from peer mentors, do a casual debate, and grab a coffee with the peer mentors afterwards. And of course, Commencement Dinner will be held during the evening of March 29 as well.

After the Selections Day, you will be paired up with an experienced team leader in a competition during the year.

Again, if you have any questions, contact Sasha at externals@monashdebaters.com.

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